Ceiling Fan Heater – Heat Rooms With High Ceilings

Having a large house presents certain problems. Some of those are less obvious than others. One of the less obvious but most common is heating large rooms with high ceilings. These rooms can use up a lot of energy in heating them, partly because heat tends to want to rise as opposed to stay on the ground level where gives the occupants the most benefit. To counteract that law of physics, a ceiling fan heater can help heat these rooms in an economical manner by using the natural properties of heated and cooled air. A couple of these fans in selected rooms, while not inexpensive, can bring down heating bills significantly especially in the winner.

In this system, the heater is attached to the base of the ceiling fan. Air is heated, and then spread by the fan evenly throughout the room and down to the lower levels. Eventually, as the air rises, it reaches the heater where it is reheated again. This provides a very economical and energy efficient way of heating a large area where central air or heating would be prohibitively expensive. These fans can heat up to 4000 cubic feet of space, which is larger than many standard bedrooms and living rooms. The ceiling fan heater is also safer than normal heating systems in that the unit is located high away from where children and pets can get at the unit.

On top of that, heaters have gone up in technology. While adjustments to a ceiling fan heater required a ladder and steel nerves in previous years today many units are equipped with remote controls. This reduces the amount of time spent in the air on a potentially shaky stepladder adjusting the unit. These types of heaters can be purchased at home improvement stores or they can be found online. The prices range from the mid $100s to the mid $300s. It certainly costs more than a standard fan, but depending upon energy bills it may make up for the initial cost with energy savings from not having to heat the entire house.

A ceiling fan heater may be a great addition to a home depending upon room size and energy bills. It uses fan blades to counteract the forces of physics to heat up large rooms with a minimum expenditure of energy. Though there is some expensive up front, the make up in energy conservation will create a powerful incentive for some to consider this heating source to forge through the winter nights.

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